Our “white” African American president

The NYTimes, in its elite wisdom, quickly followed by al Reuters and others of the media sheep, broke new journalistic ground in dubbing George Zimmerman a “white” Hispanic, presumably because his father is white.

Thus, I have decided to take a cue from my betters and will henceforth refer to Uncle Barry as a “white” African American because his mother was white.

I suppose I could call him a “white” black, but that would merely be confusing and, besides, despite the fact that black is politically correct, he’s rather obviously more tan than black.

UPDATE:  Although, maybe, I should reconsider. This good example of his laziness (not to mention that of his speechwriters), is an insult to white people.

0 responses to “Our “white” African American president

  1. Let’s see…that would make my wife’s kids White-Hispanic, because they are 1/2 white and look white. One’s sons are Black-Hispanic because they are 3/4 hispanic and dark, the other is white-hispanic because he is 100% hispanic but looks asian (which is his HS nickname), my older son’s step-child white-black because she is 1/4 black, while her mother is black-black because she is 1/2 black and looks black…
    once you get started down the road of splitting genetic hairs there is no retreat.


  2. Dick Stanley

    No shite. This whole categorization b.s. is hypocritical nonsense to begin with. But they can’t run affirmative action without it, it seems. Although dubbing Zimmerman “white” Hispanic was presumably to keep their “white-black” narrative re Martin rolling. If they’d called Zimmerman only a Hispanic, then, shoot, their white-on-black racialism would fall apart.

  3. Dick Stanley

    Heh. Thanks for the links on this, Snoop. Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Dick Stanley

    You’re welcome.

    But I think “mulatto” still has a sting to it from slavery days that would preclude its use in polite society.