Department of Homeland Stupidity

Key words the DHS monitors on the Web for potential security threats: too many to count.

The good part is that, even as unnecessarily bloated as this part of the federal bureaucracy is, they don’t have enough eyeballs (let alone competent ones) to do the whole job. So our freedom isn’t really in jeopardy. Yet.

0 responses to “Department of Homeland Stupidity

  1. Yeah, way too many. I was going to copy and paste them all into my blog, just to get more hits, even if it was just the Feds, but there were so many I had trouble selecting the text in the pdf.

    Well, OK, maybe it wasn’t to get more hits. More like just to piss them off.

  2. Dick Stanley

    Great idea, JD. Some blogger will do it, I imagine.

  3. Thanks for the tip. If I had them in readable format, I would have put the list in the blog, to piss off several intelligence agencies…

  4. Dick Stanley

    I think you can copy and paste from the new version of pdf, but maybe not.

  5. Dick Stanley

    The only bad part of that is when the incompetency shows itself, the answer is always more incompetent bureaucrats to enforce more stupid laws and more taxes to pay for them.