Fiddling around

Post Violin Lab Workshop for adults (or Violin Camp, as Mr. B. called it) I’m looking for a live teacher. And I may have found one.

I have gained enormously from seven months of subscribing to Beth Blackerby’s Violin Lab videos and I plan to continue them. And also Todd Ehle’s free videos on YouTube.

Todd really ought to charge money. He’s awful good. But he’s in Corpus Christi and Beth likely is busy. So I’m on the scout for someone else. And, tentatively, I have one in James Anderson, a versatile young violinist who taught an improvisation clinic at the camp.

I’ll know for sure in August. I’m  keeping the fingers on my bow hand crossed.

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  1. That’s the way. Keep going!

  2. Dick Stanley

    I am, I am. Bought a new music stand today. The old one was a cheapie that kept falling over, scattering my sheet music, which I now have in plastic sleeves in a binder. Moving right along.