Our first black president is a thief

While the Democrat news media sings his praises, Obama steals us blind.

And why not? He is “…a classic Chicago machine pol who thrives on rewarding himself and his friends with the spoils of public office, and who uses his position to punish his enemies.

“Peter Schweizer [of Stanford University] captures this other Obama with a bracing statistic in his book ‘Throw Them All Out,‘ published last year. In the Obama economic stimulus program’s Department of Energy loans, companies owned and run by Obama contributors and friends, like Solyndra’s George Kaiser, received $16.4 billion. Those not linked to the president got only $4.1 billion.”

When the press, the only truly independent watchdog on government, chooses to muzzle itself, as it has with Obama, opportunities for political thievery become too tantalizing to ignore. And the corruptible (and otherwise dishonest) President Golfpants and his pals have not ignored them.

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