We’re all astronauts

It amuses me every time I see or hear of some child claiming to aspire to become an astronaut. The poor thing doesn’t realize we’re all astronauts, back to the oldest generation and ahead to our farthest descendants.

What else could we be, denizens of a water world shining by reflection of Sol, our system’s sun, and sailing around it in the black void at 18.5 miles a second. Good thing we can’t feel the speed, I suppose, but not being able to only increases our blindness to what is really going on. Where we really are, have been and will be—space travelers all.

0 responses to “We’re all astronauts

  1. At least we don’t have to experience weightlessness. Until the globe blows up, that is.

  2. Dick Stanley

    If that happens, weightlessness will be the least of our problems. Nothing like a hard vacuum to ruin your day. And it’s otherwise impossible as long as we’re continuing to accelerate at one gee.