Lecher of the year

Monica Lewinsky’s father is likely not amused. But then he’s even more obscure than the National Father’s Day Council which handed the groper-in-chief, his, um, distinction.

Never heard of it? Me, neither. Its web site says little more than that it’s a not-for-profit org founded in 1933-34. Uh huh. We can be sure it’s on the federal dole. Why else name William Jefferson Clinton as Father of The Year?

Especially when one of its supposed beneficiaries is Save The Children. I know, I know. Monica was not a child. She was, then, however, right at the age when college football coaches call their players “kids.”

But groping young Monica and turning her into his blow-job machine is different, I guess. Helps to have the news media in your pocket, eh Slick Willie? Except when you don’t.

0 responses to “Lecher of the year

  1. There is no law that say a lecher can’t be a good dad at the same time 😉

  2. Only if you believe in ‘Do as I say, not as I do.”