Wormtongue the outlaw

The whole world knows what a liar he is. What a fraud. They’re beginning to catch on that he doesn’t just think he’s a dictator, he’s an actual outlaw:

“The President cannot suspend laws altogether. He cannot favor unenacted bills over duly enacted laws. And he cannot discriminate on the basis of politics in his execution of the laws. The President has crossed all three of these lines.” —Professor Nicholas Rosenkranz, Georgetown Law Center

Read it all.

He isn’t alone on the last one. Harry Reid has exempted his staff from the Affordable Care Act. The law won’t require them to have health insurance (or pay a penalty) like it does us. Don’t you wish you were in the Democrat elite?

This time the revolution might be televised, at least until the cameras are destroyed.

One response to “Wormtongue the outlaw

  1. You know what his answer to “The President cannot…” will be. “Yes, we can”. And I bet there will be no revolution, Joe the Public forgets too quickly.