Shakey Graves

Country blues guitarist and singer Shakey Graves of Austin—whose offstage name is Alejandro Rose-Garcia—is really stepping out in Austin, Lubbock, etc.. Not to mention South Carolina, Georgia, and other places he tours.

A one-man band, even, something you rarely see anymore. With two drum pedals Graves-Garcia works with his heels, one hitting an empty-suitcase drum that is part of the act, and another on a tambourine wrapped in a bandana.

Sez my good San Antonio IT guy, Scott: “[Graves] has an unique sound, a really distinct voice, seems to be the real deal as a songwriter, and is blessed with movie-star looks. Here’s hoping he isn’t crushed like a bug by The Machinery.”

And, thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can see Shakey (Alejandro) for free. He is, in fact, all over YouTube. (But his stuff is worth buying to listen to away from your PC, laptop or what-have-you.)

Via The Fat Guy.

One response to “Shakey Graves

  1. Indeed distinctive. There is some considerable talent, if I may venture an opinion. Go Austin!