No hope, no change


Unpainted iron break tables at the entrance to the U.S. Department of Education in D.C. Just one example of bureaucracy’s ugly presentation (see The 7 Ugliest Government Buildings in Washington) so don’t miss the other highlights: mildewed concrete facades everywhere, weeds growing through walkways and storm drains, and struggling grass, plants and trees in the miles of cement.

Lots and lots of mildewing, water-stained concrete. A Soviet paradise. Socialism in the raw. You can’t make this stuff up. G-d bless the Internet. This is the kind of truth of where Obamalot’s billions of tax money aren’t going that you would never have gotten from the old news media.

Trust me. Not. Ever.

Via Althouse.

UPDATE:  The feds were a little touchy about these photos, telling the photog to stop taking the pictures and move along.

2 responses to “No hope, no change

  1. Let’s look on the positive side: the bureaucrats aren’t spending a whole lot on maintenance…

  2. Obviously not, but if they can’t maintain their own buildings…