Those bogus Palestinians

This will seem to some like unnecessary splitting of hairs but it’s always bothered me and so I do what one does when one has a blog: write about what bothers me.

The Arabs who call themselves Palestinians have no real right to the word at all. As late as 1939, for instance, Palestine was wholly identified with the Jews. Of course it was a Roman appellation to begin with, what Rome decided to call Judea and Samaria after they kicked the Jews out because the Jews wouldn’t worship their Caesars as gods. Change the name, the Romans figured, and you erase the former occupants in world history. Worked pretty good for a while.

Now, as long ago as the 19th century, this Palestine, so-called, was home to both Jews and Arabs. Long before the State of Israel the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians are allegedly so worked up about.

So much a home for both that when the British took over after WWI, their own postal stamps reflected the fact. A 3-center of 1925, for instance, has Palestine in English and the same in Hebrew and Arabic. Not that the Arabs were pleased of course. But the Arabs are rarely pleased about anything. They were especially incensed that the perfidious Jews insisted on called Palestine The Land of Israel and so the Brits included the abbreviation for it in Hebrew on the stamp. Wowza.

And there’s more. Palestinians is especially bogus as the name for a group of Arabs because there is no letter P in Arabic. And, what do you know, in Hebrew, the word Palestine is translated as Plishtim which means, get this, invaders. Which makes the occupation, so-called, an occupation of invaders. Eh?

And when the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians get all worked up over a bunch of Jews who want to pray on the Temple Mount they conveniently ignore the fact that their mosques up there were built on top of the ruins of the holy Jewish temple. The one built by Herod and destroyed by the Romans who renamed, etc.

But these Arabs never were big on history or tolerance. Which is why Bush the younger calling Islam a religion of peace was and is so laughable.

So there you have it. Chew on that for a while, if you are so inclined. Or scroll over to something else. We got a million of ’em.

Via Israel Matsav, Elder of Ziyon & Yourish.

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  1. Yeah, tolerance is not exactly the strongest feature of the cousins.