Islam’s latest contributions to peace

2015.01.19 (Karachi, Pakistan) – A guard loses his life when Islamists attack a polio team.
2015.01.18 (Potiskum, Nigeria) – A female suicide bomber detonates at a bus station, claiming four kills.
2015.01.17 (Rawalpindi, Pakistan) – A Shiite lawyer and his two nephews are sprayed with automatic weapons fire by dedicated Sunnis.
2015.01.17 (Sabaa al-Bour, Iraq) – Five Shiites at a market are reduced to pulp by Sunni bombers.
2015.01.17 (Kulgam, India) – Muslim radicals shoot a local cop to death.
2015.01.16 (Baqubah, Iraq) – A child is taken out by a suicide bomber.

And don’t forget the ISIS slayings of two accused homosexuals in Mosul, Iraq. Thrown from a tall building to the pavement below. And a stoning and a crucifixtion. As you can see, Paris was not an aberration.

Via The Religion of Peace.

UPDATE:  The Islamic Holocaust continues.

2 responses to “Islam’s latest contributions to peace

  1. Oh, but we all know it’s strictly lone wolf cases, one and all.
    Misguided lone “activists”, so to say.

  2. Increasingly, I think, that dog won’t hunt. So they’ll come up with another one when the Paris dust has settled.