I’m late to the party as usual, but I like BosWash as the name for the northeast region of the country—where all the Democrat voters live—linked at the north and south ends by the two pretentious cities of the term.

It’s only a pity that BosWash was coined in 1967 and so really isn’t an Internet thingie like WaPo. Everything, I decree, should be a spinoff of the Internet. Where, after all, would we be without it? Not here, that’s for sure.

Via Dustbury.

5 responses to “BosWash

  1. BosWash. Hm… and what about Seattle/San Francisco axis?

    Anyway, something of topic: have you seen that coming from FOX:

    I am not a fan of Ms Geller, far from it, but this gentleman seems to be delusional…

  2. “Off topic” … I have to finish that antibiotics poisoning period still.

  3. sennacherib

    Have you been to the new Austin “hot spot” SoBro yet?

  4. Good luck with the poisoning, and thanks for Geller link. It matches another and a cartoon I’ll post tomorrow.

    I was on far SoBro this morning for a time. Didn’t see any hot spots. But it was raining.

  5. sennacherib

    In the interest of my esteemed host, I ask have you seen the youtube of the Hipster Olympics? It’s educational and entertaining.