The Hildabeast wants your guns

It’s one thing to support gun control.  It’s another to make it the centerpiece of a floundering presidential primary campaign.  But Hillary Clinton wasn’t finished when she latched onto the idea of opposing the NRA as a means of diverting the nation from the humiliating scandals and poll results plaguing her own bid to succeed Barack Obama. First, she announced to her wealthy supporters that ‘the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment,’ which demonstrates her opposition to the individual right to keep and bear firearms, including handguns, for self-defense. Now, however, she’s gone even further and echoed President Obama’s references to Australian and British style gun control.

It’s highly unlikely the Democrats’ soon-to-be presidential nominee would have the guts to try and confiscate the guns of millions of law-abiding Americans. Even if it were possible, which she would soon find out that it isn’t.

She’s probably just lying, something she and her consort Slick Willie are noted for. But you never know. She’s also bat-shit crazy in a party of bat-shit crazies.


One response to “The Hildabeast wants your guns

  1. Reminds me how both Clintons laid in on re smoking. I guess it will be not that easy with gun owners….