Our new tabby

Came home from fiddle lesson to find a big orange and white tabby cat asleep on one of the patio chairs. I seem to remember seeing him (her?) lurking around the back forty the last few days.

When I saw him (her?) in the chair, my first, irreverent thought was: Debra, you came back as a cat? I seem to be getting over the shock of losing her. Though not the fact of it.

UPDATE:  Like Garfield, Mr. B. said. Like that, yes.

5 responses to “Our new tabby

  1. May be worth adopting. A few scraps from time to time, some milk and then no more visiting rats.

  2. Might make sense to feed it from time to time. The rats are sure to disappear if the cat will patrol the yard.

  3. The best will be dry cat food, usually at every grocery store.