Mr. B. recovering from stomach flu

At first I thought he was just reacting to his scheduled driving class. His first time behind the wheel. Which he had put off for a week until I forced him to schedule it. But the illness seems valid.

After the puking and pooping seemed to end, I got some Pedilyte down him and some Jello and finally a bowl of chicken-n-rice soup. Yogurt awaits.

And the driving lesson is rescheduled for Monday. We shall see if it comes off, or if it occasions another round of the illness. Surely not.

UPDATE:  After yogurt and enchiladas, he washed his sheets and pillow cases, and put them back on the bed with my help. Seems to be all better now.

3 responses to “Mr. B. recovering from stomach flu

  1. I doubt that it is anxiety. And don’t call me Shirley.

  2. Surely you are correct. Heh.

  3. Anxiety before a driving lesson is meant for the teacher, usually.