Shabbat Shalom

Mr. B. surprised me by agreeing to join me tonight for services at our new synagogue of Temple Beth Shalom. He proved to be especially welcome because I had trouble hearing the page numbers.

Unlike me, Mr. B. is not as deaf as a post from a combination of age and too many automatic rifles going off at the same time too close way back in 1969.

I doubt if he will want to go very often so I’m planning to sit up closer. It’s that or find someone with normal hearing and sit beside them. As always, Rabbi Alan Freedman was a delight.

4 responses to “Shabbat Shalom

  1. Hmm… My father went almost deaf at the end and mother kept her acure hearing. I guess the jury is still out on my case.

  2. No matter what they or doctors say, women never lose their hearing. Especially when you’re talking.

  3. Neither of my parents had hearing problems at the end, but they died rather young,, 58 and 66. Vietnam started my problem, leaving me hard of hearing soon after I got back. It just got worse.