Glorious March rain

Soaking, not flooding, at least not at the rancho. Via Bob Rose at LCRA:

“Additional waves of rain showers and thunderstorms will likely continue moving from south to north across the region tonight, Thursday and Friday.  Our weather pattern is being influenced by a strong trough of low pressure centered over northern Mexico.  Waves of low pressure circulating around the large low are flowing north into Texas, producing periods of rain showers and isolated thunderstorms.”

Only problem is the pool is filling to the brim. Gonna have to empty some of it tomorrow morning or afternoon. Once a pool fool, always… The bluebonnets, which are already appearing on area highways, are going to be glorious this year.

One response to “Glorious March rain

  1. And here I am (not) looking forward to another three days of rain. Frankly, my old bones need some sun alread. Enough is enough.