When government works and when it doesn’t

Our Little Barry Hussein came to town Friday, further jamming Austin’s always awful traffic, and not incidentally contributing to the carbon footprint he claims to care so much about reversing. He extolled the role of government, a curious tic of his these past seven years, as if government needed a boost to cover up its failures.

But the main thing he could find to praise was the weather bureau and its weathersats, at once the oldest and the newest of the bureaucracy’s ministries. He also lied (quell surprise!) about Obamacare’s success (not) and further pretended that it was his doing (“I passed this law”) as if he was the executive and the legislative branches rolled into one.

One thing he neglected to mention, let alone praise, however, was the federal continuation of the failed low-fat, high carb diet advice whose reliance on starch and sugar over the past half century has “presided over the greatest explosion in Type II diabetes in the history of the human species.” Next time you feel the roll of fat around your middle, and under your armpits, you’ll know who to blame besides yourself for being stupid enough to believe what the feds tell you.

2 responses to “When government works and when it doesn’t

  1. I figure we don’t have enough melanin to fully appreciate obama. If we had more, his lies would evaporate.

  2. Heh. Or at least be rationalized and excused, as in “all pols do it.” Which they do. He and the Hildabeast are just more blatant about it.