One good thing about Barry’s visit to Cuba

Nice to see a new post by Yoani Sanchez, the Cuban who blogs rather bluntly about the lies of the Castro regime. I suppose it means she was not rounded up and jailed before our Little Barry Hussein’s recent visit. Nor afterwards for having written nothing especially very nice about his Earness.

6 responses to “One good thing about Barry’s visit to Cuba

  1. Tough to imagine a place where things like we write could get one jailed, or worse. Have to admire folks who speak out, even with the terrible risks they run.

  2. She is unique in the Cuban blogosphere, as far as I know. I bet Barry & the Hildabeast would love to have some of us jailed, especially Drudge and Limbaugh, neither of them bloggers, of course. I do wonder how Sanchez gets away with it. Unless Castro and his cronies aren’t really aware of what she’s writing because they’re too old school to use the Internet.

  3. O/T Stanley,
    I’ve been a Cruz supporter for awhile, but if the stories about GOP shenanigans in Colorado prove to be true, he’s probably lost me.
    Regardless, great changes are coming, and I mean big. Good or bad, I don’t know.

  4. We’ll prepare for bad but hope for good.

  5. She was quite careful in her posts about Obama’s visit. I expected some concluding post, but it never came.

  6. She was careful but I thought she got in her licks pretty well.