I’m Libertarian!

According to this presidential candidate poll, I am. Which I warn you will take about 15 minutes to complete, unless you’ve already thought about most of what is asked. I had not.

My own answers led to four Libertarians I never heard of: Austin Petersen, Gary Johnson, John McAfee and Marc Allen Feldman. Pity they have no chance.

Of the more likely candidates I side best with our Ted Cruz, followed closely by Trump. The Hildabeast is 30 points south of Trump in my poll results, and Bernie is 32. I don’t side with her on any major issues and him only on some foreign policy ones. Not a surprise.

Via Curmudgeonly and Mouth of the Brazos, who both came down with Cruz first.

One response to “I’m Libertarian!

  1. Well, none of the currently running is even close to libertarian outlook. I wish they were…