Texas to Barry: Drop Dead

Our little Barry Hussein wants Texas to relax its economic sanctions against Iran in light of his duplicitous nuclear “deal” in which Iran gets everything and the US nothing.

“In his response to the President, Governor Abbott wrote: ‘Because the Iran deal is fundamentally flawed and does not permanently dismantle Iran’s nuclear capability, Texas will maintain its sanctions against Iran.

“’Further, because your administration has recklessly and unilaterally removed critical sanctions, I have called on the Texas Legislature to strengthen the Iran sanctions that Texas already has in place.'”

Via The Jerusalem Post.

6 responses to “Texas to Barry: Drop Dead

  1. Did you ever think that if we would just let them stockpile ICBMs they wouldn’t be a problem anymore? All they want is to be on equal footing with the rest of the world. Personally I think our President deserves another Nobel Peace Prize for the Iran deal.

  2. You’re welcome to your opinion, and thanks for the comment. Considering the devaluation of peace prizes in recent years, why not? Give him another one. Hell, give him two more. They’re pretty meaningless. But allow Iran to stockpile ICBMs? The world’s foremost supplier and enabler of terrorism with ICBMs? That’s just nuts. I also dispute the “our president” locution. He obviously is THE president. But he sure as hell ain’t mine.

  3. Dick – shoulda nuked SKANLYN’s comment.

  4. Naw. This place needs a little juice now and then. 😉

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