Trump’s first broken promise

All politicians lie. That’s a given. Especially when campaigning for office, which is why so many of us don’t bother to vote. Why should we? It’s just one liar against another.

Trump was not a politician when he campaigned for president, and it was refreshing when he went after the champion liar, Felonia, promising to see her in jail for her multiple lawbreaking, particularly her flaunting of email security laws and IRS charitable regulations.

Now, alas, it seems he was lying after all. His former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, says he won’t pursue charges against Hagzilla. He wants to “help her heal.” How noble of him. Thanks for nothing, Trumpet.

We’re back to the two standards of justice, one for the elite and one for the little people. And the supposed champion of the little people turns out to be just another crony of the ruling class. He is a billionaire, after all.

Fortunately, it’s not entirely up to a president. The “justice” department can act, although it usually follows the lede of the president. Congress likewise can investigate, although that’s not produced much in the recent past. So we’ll have to wait and see whether our most famous scofflaw really does beat the system.

Via Fox News.

UPDATE:  If he thought the Democrat media would give him some slack because of this generous move, he can think again. They didn’t care much about Chelsea’s $70,000 wedding dress from her family’s “charity” foundation, but they’ll pummel him forever if they find anything similar in his.

5 responses to “Trump’s first broken promise

  1. I kinda agree with this move. Don’t prosecute now, maybe later. If I was Trump and wanted to really make a point and indulge in a lot of irony, I would started an investigation of their foundation with the IRS. I would make it very public. To go after them with their own weapon would be delicious. By making it very public he could force Dems to say some very interesting things in a defense.

  2. On the other hand, he’s not supposed to tell the FBI and DOJ to back off, nor the IRS who to investigate, unless he plans to be a repeat of our Little Barry Hussein. If so, let the devil take the hindmost. And the devil, also known as the WaPo, is already getting started:

  3. Yeah, you’re right on the IRS. But it would interesting to hear what the Dems would say in that case.

  4. There is a big rumor going around that some people are pushing Hillary to challenge the count in three states. If this happens the uproar would be enormous. I couldn’t even imagine how it would be if said challenge happened and was successful. I wonder if Trump’s announcement of not going after Hillary is tied to this.

  5. Might be. I read that several of her major supporter/donors think it has no chance. She certainly has the money to do it. And I read this morning he’s also back-pedaling on climate change.