Here’s why Jews are so angry

In simple terms. What the UN Security Council did, with our faithless president’s support was this:

“The Security Council voted to condemn as illegal the Israeli presence in the Jewish quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, the Jewish presence at the Western Wall, the Jewish presence at the tombs of Abraham and Rachel [outside Hebron, southeast of Jerusalem], the Jewish presence in Jerusalem suburbs and in West Bank cities and towns whose positions secure the major population centers of the modern Jewish state from obliteration [by attacking Arabs].”

I feel certain President Trump won’t allow it to stand after Jan. 20. Nor will the U.S. Congress. Possibly by taking Ira Stoll’s advice and preparing a treaty between us and Israel against a hostile UN. Followed by elimination of some or all of our funding for the so-called world body which ignores real human rights violations everywhere while pummeling Israel over its alleged ones.

Via New York Sun.

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