Game of Thrones

Okay, okay, I’m five years late to the party. I snubbed this television series back in 2011 as just another sword and sorcery epic unworthy of my time or attention.

I was wrong. I did a marathon watching of the Game of Thrones first season yesterday, streaming all ten of the videos via Amazon. It is gripping. The author of the books (I’m also reading the first one now) well deserves his wealth and his home in Santa Fe.

The best thing about the series, as the fellow who wrote the introduction to the first book puts it, is the way it proves that no one in their right mind would want to live in medieval times. Even the rich then barely lived above the level of our lower middle class. Their faces are always dirty because they never bathe. The usual Hollywood incongruity of all those impeccably straight white teeth looks even more ridiculous. And instead of focusing on the sorcery, the story shows the real evil to be the people of the times. The powerless as well as the powerful.

And as the first season ended, I couldn’t help noticing the resemblance of our jug-eared fool of a president to the petulant boy king of the story, ordering heads chopped and throats cut at whim. Barry is just more sophisticated about it, presumably, cutting throats by destroying the economy and diverting our attention from his failures by pushing the country towards war. At least the television series is leavened by a few genuinely honorable people amidst the devastation. Otherwise it could not be entertaining.

4 responses to “Game of Thrones

  1. I sort of envy your tour through the novels and show. Neither are bad, and there’s lots of T&A in the show to help keep you focused.

  2. You’ll encounter a variety of leadership styles on the show (but maybe more subtly nuanced in the books.) You’re in for a treat as you see more and more seasons.

    • The book is better so far and has the advantage of making clear some of the relationships that flew by too fast in the show’s dialogue for me to understand. I see from your blog that you’ve spent a lot of time analyzing the series.

  3. Curious thing about the T&A, in which for once both sexes get their due, is that after a few episodes it became rather boring. All the breasts and asses were the same, like bad porn straight from central casting as it were, with little to none of real life’s pleasing variety.