Real news for a change

And from the NYTimes, too. It’s Fast & Furious again, but without guns.

The investigation and the looming racketeering trial will bring renewed scrutiny to the A.T.F., which has been buffeted in recent years by the botched gun-tracking operation known as Fast and Furious and its mismanagement of undercover investigations. Representative Jason Chaffetz, whose House oversight committee investigated Fast and Furious, asked the A.T.F. on Wednesday for reams of documents related to the secret tobacco account.”

President Trump, please abolish the ATF. They’re helping no one but themselves and their political cronies.

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7 responses to “Real news for a change

  1. Pardon my ignorance, but I seem to remember that Bush the Younger started that idiotic program (F&F, that is). Is that right? Or not?

    • I never heard that. It was Barry’s AG Holder’s idea, from what I know, in some convoluted idea for showing how arms trafficking works, or something. Intended to help them instigate more restrictions on gun sales. Of course when it went awry, with arms we’d given the Mexicans winding up being used to kill Americans, it all got hushed up, the White House refused to explain, and the NYTimes and other big Dem media whitewashed it.

  2. ” and the NYTimes and other big Dem media whitewashed it.”, fast and furiously they did.

  3. I was thinking that GWB’s admin started it, conceived the operation and had it ready to go, then Bronco’s gang took control and screwed the pooch. Kind of like JFK and the Bay of Pigs debacle.

  4. Holy shit! That must have been before I realized that everything Bronco said was a total lie. Sometimes I’m kinda slow.

  5. He didn’t lie all the time. I think he got his wife’s and daughters’ names right. 😉