Hero service

Got to like the state’s new Hero service on state highways. Your car breaks down, you call Texas road assistance (the number is on the back of your driver’s license) and the Hero shows up to replace oil, gas or fix a damaged tire. Or, in the case of Barbara Ellen on Mopac North this evening, put out safety cones and wait for your tow to arrive.

Eric was her Hero who made me a little redundant as I showed up (alerted by her on smart phone) to help her stay calm, cool and collected until the tow arrived. Unfortunately she has a for-shit insurance company which had to negotiate the tow first so it took more than a hour to arrive. Eric calmly waited the whole time with friendly chat as well.

“That’s my job,” he said. “We wait until the fix is made or the tow arrives.”

Nice deal. Especially because it’s free. Thank you State of Texas. And Eric too.

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