Mr Boy graduates high school

Finally. Whew. Only takes three hours to hand out diplomas to his 500-odd classmates. What do you bet they screw it up and give the wrong diploma to some.

But no more dealings with the school system for me. I finally get to unsubscribe from their various emails. No more of their political b.s. Oh happy day! Mrs. Charm can watch from afar. She’s been out of their loop for a while.

He’s happy, too, and ready to go off to Texas A&M University in August. After he spends the night at the school. Huh? Yep that’s what they’re gonna do. Spend one last time in the old hoosegow. Me I’d want to be as far away from the place as possible.

UPDATE:  The school system took no chances with the diplomas and gave the graduates a card saying to pick up their diplomas June 6 in the school office.

MORE:  I wasn’t surprised to see the valedictorian was a girl or that she was Asian-American. I was a little bit surprised that she was Vietnamese.

6 responses to “Mr Boy graduates high school

  1. Sennacherib


  2. Congratulations! Not that it is any remedy for boy-related headaches, but he’s a good one, so yours are at the required minimum.

  3. Yep. Thus begins the process of weaning him off my non-college money.

  4. Hey, congrats, Dick. Now the hard work begins.

  5. For him maybe but not for me. The hard work is over for me.

  6. You wish. Well, OK, I will not disabuse you of that notion… take care 😉