The unprecedented presidency

No honeymoon. None. Constant attacks from the Mediacrats, the Dims, his own party, the permanent bureaucracy, Leftists, celebrities, academics, etc. Yet he hangs in there. Doesn’t hide away.

Victor Davis Hanson: “Almost every aspect of American culture has been weaponized to delegitimize Trump….[President] Trump is said to be paranoid, uncouth, reckless, and crude. And he has been at times. But no prior president has been under investigation for 80 percent of his first two years in office, by an investigatory team that is so patently compromised by conflicts of political interest, and so unable to find collusion or wrongdoing in a sea of what is likely to turn out to be FBI, CIA, and Justice Department criminality in 2016.” Initiated by his predecessor, Bronco Bama.

Read it all.

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