Racist, racist, we all fall down

Even diehard Dimocrat Mrs Charm admitted that Nancy Pelosi (or Crazy Nancy as Trump sometimes calls her) was a poor choice to be the first woman speaker of the House.

Called out by a male GOP rep, Doug Collins of Georgia, the other day for breaking the House rules (specifically the specific rule against calling the president a racist), she stalked off the dais, silenced by another House rule, until the majority Dims voted her back in.

“The vote on the motion to strike Pelosi’s remarks failed in a 190-232 vote with no Democratic support. Every Republican voted in favor of the motion.”

Over in the Senate, Cocaine Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader, said simply: “The president’s not a racist.”

Hijinks, congressional-style, begun and ended by Crazy Nancy, the first woman speaker of the House of Representatives.

Via The Hill, Twitchy, and Politico

2 responses to “Racist, racist, we all fall down

  1. We are all so divided now. I raged the Senate should pass a resolution to call all dims “stupid assholes”. Of course, that won’t happen, but everything is so infuriating. Plus, I get this shit to read on German news as if nothing happens on my own continent.

  2. European preoccupation with the American presidency is bizarre.