Finally finished the Aidan Turner-Eleanor Tomlinson PBS version of Poldark, about Cornish miners and the local elite in 18th century England. But the resolution of the various stories confused me a bit, so I may have to watch the final episode again. Pity it’s over but maybe the principals had other work, or the audience was declining. Mrs. Charm was watching it before she passed away.

Meanwhile, I’ve been following the careers of Turner and Tomlinson, for the first time of following actors. Watched a new movie Love Wedding Repeat on Netflix with Tomlinson (and as an added attraction Jack Farthing of Poldark) that was entertainingly comic. Turner, who played Kili the dwarf in the Hobbit, also is in something new that hasn’t been released yet. I’ll be sure to catch it. They’re both very good as was most of P.’s cast.

2 responses to “Poldark

  1. Try “Endeavor”. Start at the first, often, seasons have a story arc. Same with “Lewis”.

  2. Apparently you misunderstand me. I’ve watched all of Poldark but the last episode of the last season was moving pretty quickly to wrap up the story lines and I got confused by some of it.