If the Biden circus comes to town

“We know about the Dems in charge. They’ve promised higher taxes, nonstop wokeness and virtue signaling, more climate hysteria (here’s looking at you John “reporting-for-duty” Kerry), more Mullah-coddling and China-appeasing, and hordes of new Democratic voters hustled over our Southern border.

“They have also promised to regulate coal and fracking and fossil fuels out of economic contention, which is another salient in their attack on prosperity itself. (Remember John Holdren, Obama’s prophet of “a massive campaign to de-develop” the United States? He would be back in a Biden administration.)”

Goodbye middle- and working-classes. Onto the dole you go.

Via Roger Kimball in the Epoch Times

2 responses to “If the Biden circus comes to town

  1. It’s coming January 20th and there’s nothing you can do about it other than lowering expectations for your life. Maybe they won by cheating but even if they hadn’t they would have won the next election and there’d be no going back. Wokeness is what the people want. They eant restrictions on speech. They want to repeal the 2nd Amendment. They want society to move from each according to his ability to each according to his need. They want a green new deal They want to abolish the police and prisons and they want unlimited immigration without having to consider capacity or available resources. And they want the lockdowns and mask mandates to continue even after COVID is long gone. They got what they wanted and once the Democrats win the Georgia senate races (and I believe they will), it will all be permanent.

  2. If the Dims continue with the cheating methods they used in the presidential, they’ll certainly win the Georgia senate races and we may never have a Republican or Independent president again. I don’t want wokeness or anything else on the your list, and I know of about 74 million people who don’t either. Unless they give up voting altogether once they realize the fix is in forever.