Finally, a deep source

For five years now, I’ve been downloading (mainly in Kindle form) books about the Afterlife (really, our real lives). I began as a skeptic, became a believer, and now, as a budding Reiki student/practitioner, I simply and profoundly know.

Six years ago this fall, Mrs. Charm, my wife of twenty-five years, transitioned after about a year of fighting cancer. Finally, via lawyer Roberta Grimes, I have found a database of more than three thousand Afterlife books. I can’t wait to search it. I’ll share the link now.

Via Afterlife data

2 responses to “Finally, a deep source

  1. Dick, was any particular book helpful in building your belief in afterlife? Les

  2. Mainly it was the preponderance of evidence in two score or more books, plus Mrs. Charm’s communication in dreams and telepathy. But there is one book I recommend: “Love Lives On, Learning From The Extraordinary Encounters of the Bereaved,” by Louis LaGrand.

    Good websites are and and this link to a piece by R. Craig Hogan, an expert on the subject:

    Hogan also has a good book: “Your Eternal Self: Science Discovers The Afterlife”