Austin PD in “death spiral”

With crime increasing, Austin’s leftist city council (read Dimocrats all) continues to pursue defunding the police. PJMedia’s source says: “As more units are cut, work conditions for those who stay will continue to deteriorate, causing more folks to leave, causing more units to be cut, and so on. It is basically a death spiral.”

Thanks a bunch, Mayor Adler and the other leftists. And now add Assistant District Attorney Trudy Strassburger, who is soliciting criminal indictments against police officers. Sure, that’ll help.

2 responses to “Austin PD in “death spiral”

  1. She sent out a letter to all of her fellow travelers who “want to prosecute police” to come and work here in her group. She also remarked about how easy it was to transfer their license to here. They are getting set for the next Antifa riots. They will be in place to prosecute, police, troopers, National Guard or whoever opposes the democrat brown shirts. I’m sure this will also hold for Citizens who attempt to protect themselves and their property. Most DA’s offices have got stacks of criminal cases to work. Harris County, Dallas County and Travis Counties have no intention of prosecuting criminals.

  2. How does it benefit them to do this? Beyond the thrill of gaining a political victory, when their own property is at stake?