Brandon’s unreliable energy

He’s planning wind farms offshore along most of the U.S. coastline. (But not his share of it nor off Cape Cod we bet). Wait’ll they freeze up and go offline, like they did in Texas back in February. It’s hard enought to maintain the ones on land, let alone in the ocean. Then he’ll see his party go down the tubes. Besides being stupid, FJB really likes to screw Americans in the name of climate change. As if he could stop it.

“I think they know the consequences for ordinary Americans will be bad. Their motivation is connected to The Great Reset, not to making Americans’ lives better. And what they are “pondering” is how bad the political backlash might be if they make this particular move at this time.”

Via PowerLine & The New Neo

3 responses to “Brandon’s unreliable energy

  1. People really underestimate the climate madness. This is the most dangerous craze right now. No parade of transgenders will f up our lives as badly as the economy-wrecking energy costs. All these wind farms are corrupt. All. They are not more environmental than nuclear energy or coal. Maintaining it is already enormously wasteful of resources because of the drive-up distance alone. Another point is that instead of few resources used in centralized power stations, you get to bake tons of steal and magnets (contain rare earths) into many little producers. As you write, sh*t freezes. They also need to stop when wind is too strong. Stop and go must be managed and controlled. A lot of long-distance wiring right there. They also don’t produce a stable source, so you need a lot of gas to stabilize the power grid (gas turbines are the only power source that can be started and stopped fast enough). It’s for the good of some cronies.

  2. A rich Texan whose name I forget invested in scores of the windmills as long as there were federal subsidies to profit from. When the subsidies ran out, he bailed and his windmills have been coming apart ever since. I expect we’re going to be in a full-on depression in about ten months. Thanks to the climate change madness. And when we go into depression, Europe will feel it, too.

    • Ohhhh, yes we will! Honestly, I blame Europe. It’s the main reason why I started blogging in the first place. All of these Dims constantly fawn Europe, drink their red wine and clap to Stephan Colbert. Greta, Soros, Schwab, European, European, European. The West used to find orientation in America. Now, it finds disorientation in Europe.
      And we Europeans don’t learn from pain.
      ‘What are we gonna do after the World War?’
      ‘Another one!’

      On a German blog I read a comment recently that said, ‘When the ship goes down, I won’t be like Abraham and try to count the innocent.’