Starship at Starbase

In South Texas, near Brownsville, don’t you know.

“SpaceX has stacked a Starship vehicle on the launch pad at its Starbase facility in South Texas for the first time since March.

“A Starship upper-stage prototype known as Ship 24 was stacked atop the Booster 7 Super Heavy first stage at the orbital launch pad at Starbase on Tuesday (Oct. 11) for the first time, according to a tweet (opens in new tab) from SpaceX early on Wednesday (Oct. 12).

“Ship 24 was stacked onto Booster 7 using SpaceX’s “chopsticks” system on the Starbase launch tower, forming the full 395-foot-tall (120 meters) Starship system.”

Starship is part of the SpaceX-NASA return of astronauts to the moon.


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