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Rigged elections

“I assume all of our national elections are rigged and always have been. There’s no other explanation for why both parties resist making the states they control rig-proof.” —cartoonist Scott Adams on Twatter.

UPDATE: Historically, the Dims are the cheaters. And perhaps Nov. 8’s missing red wave is evidence of some of that. As if people are comfortable with the Dim high inflation and gas prices. Well, I guess, they could be. Not.


The real target

Smear artist Mueller

His “report” is a pastich of awfulness by the president, an outrageous display of bias on every page. He had the authority from Rosenputz to investigate the abuse of the FISA system that started it all. The hoax.

Instead he’s provided a blueprint for the Dims to follow to impeachment. Which is obviously what he wanted. He left nothing to chance. He’s a dirty cop covering for other dirty cops. A smear artist. Shameful.

UPDATE: U.S. Rep Louie Gohmert on Mueller: “This is not a good man.”

Election fraud: A Dim speciality

They already completed it ahead of time in one Georgia County.

Political corruption

It’s becoming pervasive, especially among our career politicians who’ve never done anything else. They’re bankrupting us as well as thumbing their elite noses at us. Short of armed revolution, the best we can hope to use to change it all is term limits. Since the skunks will never limit themselves, it will have to be done by voting out one bum after another.

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