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Helping Parents Heal

I like this outfit and I recently sent the link to my OCS forum because I know of several who have lost children (of whatever age). Perhaps it will help you also.

Staying In Touch

Is an ebook I wrote last year for my son about my staying in touch with his physically-deceased mother. I sent a copy to an OCS chum who says he communicates with his ex-wife and her mother on the Other Side through prayer. I do it through vivid dreams and meditation. Staying In Touch is also a summary of what I had learned up to that point about the hereafter. And it has a bibliography of some of the many books I have read on the subject. I suspect many people do this who wouldn’t dream of talking about it with others for fear of ridicule. I’m quite past that.

Stale cookie recovery

A tip from my mother-in-law in spirit: Put a slice of bread in the cookie box and wait a day or two. The stale cookies leach the water from the bread to soften them up. The bread goes stiff as a board but you can just throw it away.

Xavier presents as a soldier

Xavier, my spirit guide, appeared to a psychic-medium in a between-lives regression for me as a soldier in a toga-like outfit and carrying a spear. She saw him, I didn’t, as the regression didn’t work very well, but the more I think about it the more appropriate it feels. I dubbed him a member of the ancient phalanx and that still feels right.

Sometimes guides appear as children, in order not to frighten anyone. I saw Xavier once before, not as a child, but as an adult with shoulder-length black hair and a black goatee. Only his eyes were obscured, making me wonder if he was Asian, rather than the Hispanic his name suggests.

Afterlife communication

By direct voice of the transitioned, which is unusual now, but was common for British psychic medium Leslie Flint (1911-1994). Read the intro first to get up to speed, then try one of the recordings.

Flint: “I think I can safely say I am the most tested Medium this country has ever produced. I have been boxed up, tied up, sealed up, gagged, bound and held – and still the voices have come to speak their message of life eternal…

Via The Leslie Flint Trust

The Afterlife Frequency

A good new book by psychic-lawyer Mark Anthony blending science and spirituality, telling it in common terminology. That’s the best part, the ease with which he discusses what he terms the electromagnetic soul. Or life continuing.

Russ’s stone is up

Our OCS buddy Russell Wheat’s stone went up today, six months after ordering due to a shortage of granite. His stone is on the right, next to his father’s in the middle and mother’s on the left. Relieved we don’t have to go back to fix anything. It was a long haul to Higgins, Texas, from Austin via Amtrak to Oklahoma City and thence to Higgins in a rental car to arrange everything. Now it’s done. Only awaits the combat veteran’s plaque in front of the stone. Rest easy, old friend, and have fun when you’re not.