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Strzok was planted in the FBI

He never actually worked as an agent. As for why he’s still employed, could be his associates fear his Deep State background:

“We know Peter Strzok III, the man who sent those vile text messages about our President…was raised in Iran and Saudi Arabia…

“…[He] was placed in the FBI to ensure a win for Hillary Clinton and buffer negative press (like the Weiner laptop case, which he covered up). That’s the real deal. Revealing Peter Strzok’s identity would have been a problem because it’s called unmasking but since he is in the limelight and out of the shadows it’s time to lay all the cards FACE up on the table for all to see who Peter Strzok really is.”

Worth a read at Big League Politics

MEMRI’s greatest hits

MEMRI, an outfit which translates the Arab world to show us their true attitudes behind the platitudes our pols and the dictator’s club hand us, occasionally hits the jackpot. As they did here. Watch these talk show clowns throw coffee and punches. You’ll see why Israel has so little hope of ever making peace with them.

Hillary the Totalitarian

As sometimes happens to me in some presidential election years, a common tater I thought I liked turned out to be a bit of a stooge. Thus with Kevin Williamson, a conservative Texan who writes for National Review. However, his thoughts on Felonia’s stated totalitarian plans for the Supreme Court if she’s elected are worth a shuddering look.

She began by arguing that the Supreme Court, and lesser federal courts, should be political partisans who take sides in disputes rather than adjudicate them according to the law. Many politicians — perhaps even most — believe that, or act in a way that suggests they do, but most of them feel at least the need to shamefacedly insist that judges are there to impartially apply the law. Not Mrs. Clinton. The Supreme Court that exists in her mind is the worst version of the highest judicial body, which is to say the American answer to Iran’s Guardian Council. The justices already wander into American-ayatollah territory too often, and it is only shame that constrains them. It is impossible to overstate the damage this is doing to our constitutional order, and to the legitimacy of the federal government itself.

“What is worse — if something can in fact be worse — is that Mrs. Clinton seeks to unmoor the Supreme Court from the Constitution in order to pursue her own repressive and self-interested political program, namely the censorship of publications, organizations, and institutions that are critical of her.”

One more reason, perhaps the best reason of all, to vote for President Trump.

Via Instapundit.

Opec hates gays

I’ve never been a gay-worrier, much less a gay hater. If they want to marry in churches or synagogues and they can find one that will do it, it’s all the same to me. Likewise getting a wedding cake, tho I don’t want bakers to be unable to refuse.

And these ads for Canadian oil are brilliant. This hot lesbian print ad apparently has succumbed to the usual PC b.s. but the video one about males seems to be still running. About time someone hit back at the muzzies and their lethal bigotry.

Via PowerLineBlog.

Another Allahu Akbar disregarded

Supposedly the German authorities, whose police took seven hours to find the young shooter whose rampage in a Munich shopping center killed nine and wounded 27, have found no motive other than a fascination with mass murder.

The fact that the gunman was a Muslim of Iranian descent and screamed Allahu Akbar, Islam’s definitive war cry, apparently was just a coincidence. Yeah, I’ll just bet it was.

UPDATE:  Disregarding the truth of Islam is an old game of the Western ruling class which, increasingly, fools no one.

Texas to Barry: Drop Dead

Our little Barry Hussein wants Texas to relax its economic sanctions against Iran in light of his duplicitous nuclear “deal” in which Iran gets everything and the US nothing.

“In his response to the President, Governor Abbott wrote: ‘Because the Iran deal is fundamentally flawed and does not permanently dismantle Iran’s nuclear capability, Texas will maintain its sanctions against Iran.

“’Further, because your administration has recklessly and unilaterally removed critical sanctions, I have called on the Texas Legislature to strengthen the Iran sanctions that Texas already has in place.'”

Via The Jerusalem Post.

Our inept Navy


You could blame Obumbles. Lots of people are. But it was our allegedly mighty Navy that made the mess he only stepped in. Presumably the immediate, on-scene commander of this humiliation has been relieved and is awaiting courts martial and a ruined career. They do that to commanders whose boats merely run aground. Not to mention the chatty noncom who ought to be booted.

Via PowerLine & Mouth of the Brazos

UPDATE:  Instead of competence, this is what they focus on.