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Go see Avatar? Why be a sucker?

Dances With Wolves in space, it’s been called. Or worse. Another waste of money from the PC crowd:

“Lacking the conflict and flaws that make the Indians so fascinating and tragic, the Na’vi are utterly boring…the childlike environmentalist daydream of a ‘perfect’ society, sustainably at peace with Mother Nature, is captured in the image of the Na’vi tribe snuggled in hammock-like leaves, embraced by the vast branches of their goddess tree. No ambitions, no failures, no questions, no achievement, no future. These giant blue aliens leave absolutely no carbon footprint.”

Created by people who wouldn’t live this way if they could. Doctor Zero: the ultimate suicide fantasy.

UPDATE:  It makes the Marines look bad? What, an anti-military Hollyweird flick? Now there’s a surprise.

MORE: It lost out in the Oscars to a low-budget Iraq war movie, ironically, and even more ironically, the war flick was directed by the ex-wife of the Avatar director. Heh.