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Fanny Hill’s delightful romps

Fanny Hill is allegedly the oldest erotic novel in the English language. Published in 1749, it is distinguished by the fact that it contains no bad words.

Nary a f**k or a c**t or a c**k or a pr**k. The latter two are usually referred to as machines. Or engines. And then described at, uh, length. With a rosy head.

Pornographers were a lot more inventive in those days. Nevertheless, it was, in former centuries, one of the most frequently banned books.”

No surprise there, as it is erotic as all get-out, and would attract the attention of prudes to a fare-thee-well. In fact it was banned when it was published and sold only in pirated versions. So it’s not startling that the University of London has banned it from the curriculum, fearing it will offend students. Particularly the liberal female ones. Couldn’t offend the males, not the majority of them.

I’m rereading it. And enjoying Fanny’s delightful romps as I did when I was, oh, in my thirties or thereabouts. It’s not quite as good as Anne Rice’s “Sleeping Beauty” trilogy. But only because Rice’s is more modern. Fanny Hill’s sentences are so godawful long it’s easy to lose your place. But it’s worth the effort. I recommend it. It beats “Shades of Grey” all hollow.

Via Power Line Blog