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Battleship Texas

BBS Texas.jpg

She rarely moves today. Cub scouts get to spend the night in her lower decks. She was new in 1914, was refurbished and reequipped many times, fought in WW1, received one of the first radar-assisted gun directors in the 1930s, and fought in WW2: among other things, escorting convoys across the Atlantic, firing support for the Normandy beachheads on D-Day in 1944, and also for the later Pacific landings on Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

Battleship B&B


Cogitating at the Rancho, mulling over whether our Tiger Cub should go on the January overnight aboard the 92-year-old Battleship Texas or wait until January 2008 when he’s no longer sucking his fingers and doesn’t need Miss Ellie (his stuffed elephant spirit animal) to sleep with. Pretty cool stuff the scouts get to do in Texas. Now that the rain forecast has diminished, he may even get to the Texas Longhorns’ practice on Thursday afternoon–another Tiger Cub activity postponed by rain the past three weeks./graphic via Texas Parks & Wildlife Department