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Memorial Day 2016


The battleship Texas with San Jacinto monument on the right. And my guys.

When you hear some unthinking person wish everyone a “Happy Memorial Day,” what’s really being said is “Happy Dead Soldier Day.” T’ain’t kosher, is it Mrs Pursel?

Battleship B&B


Alas, the extended freeze warnings for the weekend across much of Texas have eliminated the Cub Scout’s planned Saturday overnight on the Battleship Texas. It wasn’t the Cub Scouts who canceled, it was the folks who run the battleship. They’re worried about their water lines freezing and so will be cutting them off and they didn’t want the kids to have to bring their own water, apparently. Mr. B. and I are disappointed. Maybe next year.

SSN 775 Attack Submarine Texas


No match, picture-wise, for the old Battleship Texas, but by their nature, subs are hard to photograph in the water. Commissioned in 2006, she’s a worthy new age successor to the old battle wagon. More photos and info here.

Dawn at San Jacinto


The stern 14-inch gun turrets of the Battleship Texas, in her permanent memorial basin, with the San Jacinto battlefield monument (crowned by the Lone Star) in the background. Photo by Louis Vest, with more details here. A good way to remember Veteran’s Day, since the Texas fought in WW1, at the close of which today’s commemoration began as Armistice Day.

Radar room on the Battleship Texas


The Texas was one of the Navy’s first warships to be equipped, in 1939, with a production version of the new, top secret radar technology that would greatly help to win the coming world war. The radar room was on a lower deck between the amidships and stern gun turrets, with telephone contact with the bridge.



Another view of the Battleship Texas, in its landlocked parks’ berth east of Houston.

Battleship Texas


Not sure when this was taken, but possibly after the retrofitting in 1990 before moving back to the permanent berth near the San Jacinto battlefield. How many kids get to sleep on an almost hundred year old battleship that fought in both world wars? Mr. B. will in January with his Cub Scout pack. Count me as another kid. I’ll also be there.