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Carly Fiorina Shows Us How It’s Done

Speaking of abortion… Jake Tapper has become an abortion, buying into the whole Democrat wheeze now that he’s taking money from CNN, one of the dead-last cable newsies. But his latest target Carly Fiorina hung him out to dry.

Rush has the moment. It’s a doozy. Be sure to go here and read it all.

“So he’s asking Carly Fiorina, ‘What do you think about abortion law without exception rape or incest?’  It’s right in the Democrat media manual, how to entrap a Republican: ask about rape or incest.  So here’s what she said.  This is the first of two sound bites:

“Let’s talk about what extreme is.  It’s not a life until it leaves the hospital.  That’s Hillary Clinton’s position.  It’s Hillary Clinton’s position that a 13-year-old girl needs her mother’s permission to go to a tanning salon or get a tattoo, but not to get an abortion.  It’s Hillary Clinton’s position that women should not be permitted to look at an ultrasound before an abortion and yet people who are trying to harvest body parts can use an ultrasound to make sure that those body parts are preserved so that they can [be] sold.  That, Jake, is extreme.”

You probably didn’t see or hear this, unless you’re one of the minority who even pays attention to CNN, second only to MSNBC in the cable newsy cellar. Let alone Carly who, unfortunately, has no chance at the nomination. Which is a real pity because she’s just about the only one in the GOP who could beat Ma Barker.

Via Rush Limbaugh.