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The Little Emperor

China’s experience with the unintended consequence of their one-family, one-child edict is quite amusing. We’ve struggled with some of that with Mr. B., of course, as probably any parent of an only child can attest. I took to calling him "your lordship" when he was a Terrible Two. But he’s improved.

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Gimme that old time religion

Secular Big Media likes to use Easter week for its anti-religion broadsides. Thus Newsweak is out proclaiming Christian America’s "decline and fall."  The Wall Street Journal shows how the dying news weakly’s reading of the latest stats is, uh, weak. Heck, even the godless commies are getting religion:

"There are probably close to 100 million Christians in China, most of them following a very individualistic American-style faith. Already more people attend church each Sunday than are members of the Communist Party."


Via the Seablogger

Space race

Not us and the Russians. Japan, India and China. Japan’s moon probes entered lunar orbit earlier this month, China’s launched today and India is planning one for next April. Competition is good. Especially in space. Somebody needs to shake us out of our low-orbit inertia.

Name this rose


Got any idea what this rose is? Planted by a previous owner of the rancho, it blossomed yesterday, presenting a mystery. It might be a Polyantha called Mme. Norbert LeVasseur, or it might be a China called Martha Gonzales. But I’m not sure because it doesn’t wholly resemble either one. So what is it?