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Happy Birthday, Chuck

He was a drinker, in the 6th Cav in late 1968 and I’m not so we didn’t spent much time together. Nor were we friends altho together in basic, ait and ocs. I got to know him at the 2003 reunion at Benning. When he was years away from drinking and struggling with COPD. Neat guy. He passed on 9/18/2020.

I’ll never forget him trying to get me to go Airborne with him, when we were in casual company awaiting security clearances to go to OCS. I thought he was nuts. I then had no desire to jump out of airplanes. He didn’t either, apparently, as he didn’t go either. Now I sometimes wonder what it would have been like.

He was smarter than me about the Army and so didn’t volunteer for anything that I know of. “All you college boys raise your hand,” the sergeant said. Up went mine. Not Chuck’s. So I got to shovel coal for barracks boilers without his companionship. He probably had a good laugh over it. Looking after his widow George Anne, now, I’m sure.