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Our Lady of Loreto Chapel

PrecidioLaBahiaBuilt in 1749. Where the Mexicans put Fannin’s troops before the massacre.

Gen. Ignacio Zaragoza

zaragozaThe hero of Cinco de Mayo, i.e. the unlikely defeat of the French at Puebla, a wonderful story (the frogs were taking a coffee break when the Mexicans attacked) never better told than here. The general was born near Goliad, where his statue is today. His father was a soldier at the nearby Precidio La Bahia. Looks like the local doves have been at work on his head, however.

Remember Goliad!

FanninThe 1936 memorial to Texas militia Colonel James Fannin and his 400 men, massacred by the Mexican army in 1836, thanks in large part to their feckless commander. Nevertheless. The memorial is said to be on the site where their bodies were heaped and burned. Best version of massacre here. Worth reading.

Back to the rancho

It was the usual long haul back this afternoon. Coming back from Port A always seems harder than going down there. Anticipation is over, I suppose. We did stop for lunch in Cuero, for a change, at one of the town’s mainstay eateries, a 50-year-old burger joint called K&N Root Beer.

And we took pictures in Goliad of La Bahia, including the Fannin memorial, The Angel, Gen. Zaragoza’s statue, and the chapel at La Bahia, all of which I will explain in my own way when I get the pictures posted, one at a time over the next month or so.

Finally we stopped in Lulling to take snaps of the decorated oil pump jacks: a Killer Whale and two kids eating watermelon on a teeter-totter. Touristing, you might say, though we’ve seen it all a thousand times. Comforting, though.

Texas celebrity sighting

Saw Bum Phillips this afternoon at a restaurant in  Goliad, on the way down to Port A. Except for the two in-ear hearing aids in his ears the former coach of the former Houston Oilers looked younger than his 80-something years.

No, he was not wearing his trademark cowboy hat. But one was painted on the passenger-side door of his truck. Right atop a drawing of a football. I heard the cashier tell him “Thanks, coach,” when he paid for himself and two friends.

Back in the car Mrs. Charm did a quick Google on him on her iPhone and found that he has retired to a horse ranch near Goliad. Imagine running horses at his age.

She also found a Tweet on Barry’s visit to Austin today. It said that Gov. Rick Perry was at the airport to meet him and handed the prez two letters: F and U. Heh.


Goliad Courthouse


Fried Okra

GoliadStreetSceneDowntown (well, on the square) Goliad where dinner is just $6.99