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Go Sarah Go


Palin Derangement Syndrome makes me laugh. She’ll be a great president.

Sarah’s back

Good for her. Sure, it will be an uphill climb, especially when Big Media and assorted others are in the tank for The One. But persistence makes perfect. Or something like that. And, like they say, "hope dies when Barry lies."

Of fear and mockery

You can see in this U.S. News & World Report recent sliming of Sarah just how afraid the Big Media continue to be of her chances in 2012. But it’s worth the read for the fisking mockery John Weidner applies to it. No wonder USNWP has had to terminate their print magazine. Time was when they produced a reasonable alternative to the liberal pablum of their competitors. Now they are no different than the rest–all of them declining in circulation and bound to soon follow USNWP’s lead.

Our sister, Sarah

Ralph Peters outdoes his usual fine work, in this timely and wise appreciation of Gov. Palin:

"For the first time since Ronald Reagan, our last great president, we, the people, see a chance that one of us might have a voice in governing our country."

Out with the Harvards and Yales. In with the land-grant state colleges like Idaho.

Hacking Sarah’s email a federal case now

The "Save Barry" frenzy continues… Glad to see the FBI and Secret Service are hunting for the hackers who invaded Gov. Palin’s official email account, exposing phone numbers and a few personal details of family members. Considering the federal gumshoes are not renown for efficiency–the shrinkingly-credible Associated Press already is stonewalling them–it’s a relief to know the perps were  was dumb enough to brag about their his crime, thereby leaving plenty of clues.

Via Drudge Report.

UPDATE: The apparent hacker, the 20-year-old son of a Tennessee Democrat State Rep, seems to have been caught. Of course it would be a Democrat involved. Gerard van der Leun thinks Sarah should score political points by forgiving him, since the culprit will be prosecuted anyway.

UPDATE II:  Now it’s gone murky again, as the state rep denies reports he ever said his son was involved. Then, the murk cleared, as the FBI got a warrant and searched the kid’s residence.

“Make America proud!”

Sarah, in her capacity as governor of Alaska, sends off the "Arctic Wolves," of the Alaska National Guard, including her 19-year-old son, to duty with the Stryker Brigade in Iraq. She’ll speak in Vienna, Ohio, tomorrow. More positive stuff on her here. The negative is easy to find as the "save Barry" news frenzy continues.