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Governor to Mayor: Fix it!

“Today I sent a letter to @MayorAdler about the growing crisis arising from the Austin Homeless policy. Feces & used needles are piling up & residents are endangered. If not fixed by Nov.1, I’ll use State authority to protect Texans’ health & safety.”—Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

Yay! Governor to the rescue.

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Monitoring the Worm’s Pentagon

The loony lefties at Salon (find it yourself, I hate even linking to them) already are sneering at the right-wing “lunatics” of Texas. But with President Worm you never know. He specializes in duplicity, after all.

So Gov. Abbott’s instructions to the Texas State Guard (largely a ceremonial unit) to keep an eye on those Pentagon “maneuvers” beginning in July at various places around the state seems sound to me. As well as amusing.

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