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Bibi: Hamas engages in “child sacrifice”

“Israel’s battle with Hamas in Gaza is a test for the civilized world whether it will grant immunity to terrorists because they attack from schools, homes and hospitals, [Israel] Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Wednesday night.

“Netanyahu, speaking at a press conference for foreign journalists to combat criticism of Israel over the civilian deaths in Gaza, said that by waging its war from the heart of civilian areas, Hamas was ‘engaging in child sacrifice, and that is something for which it must be held accountable.’”

An interesting modern comparison, considering that archaeologists have found that child sacrifice was a very common religious practice in the region thousands of years ago. And even before the recent unpleasantness, Hamas sacrificed at least 160 children to build its tunnels.

Not that we should expect the anti-Israel hypocrites of the world news media to emphasize either case.

Via Jerusalem Post.