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Gold trove at Caesarea

From the time of the Crusader conquest of the city and the massacre of its inhabitants, someone hid the gold but never retrieved it.

“… as the levant’s primary port, Caesarea has been a critical link in trade routes since it was constructed by Herod the Great. Excepting Acco, Israel’s coast had little by way of natural ports. Herod’s ambitious and impressive feat in constructing an artificial port at Caesarea using under-water cement changed the nature of coastal trade in Israel.”

Via Friends of the Israel Antiquities Authority

Solomon’s temple

Even as the Arabs have sought to destroy evidence of the First Temple with a backhoe, the first artifacts of Solomon’s creation have been recovered–though not, sadly, in their proper archeological sequence. It’s like going through the trash of a particularly uncivilized family and finding discarded gems. It underlines the secular nature of the Israeli government that they would permit such destruction. More here.